The wisdom of the tribes
The wisdom
of the tribes
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Apaches is an NFT project that deploys the wisdom of the tribes to predict the evolution of other top NFT tribe projects on the Solana Blockchain. After thousands of years of inhabiting the ancestral lands, we call upon the accumulated wisdom of our NFT holders to aid us in restoring the rightful equilibrium to the Solana NFT landscape. By correctly predicting the evolution of top Solana NFT tribal projects, we'll reward our tribe members with $MEZCAL, the tribe’s favorite drink. Join the circle of elders and start earning $MEZCAL thanks to your visions of the future.
Mezcal Coin
$MEZCAL is the utility token that binds all the tribes together. The tribe chief will reward our NFT holders for outstanding behaviour within the tribe grounds as well as for their correct predictions. Tribe members will then be able to redeem their $MEZCAL within the Apaches territory.
THE ApachE

"Geronimo, the Apache" is the first collection from the Apaches project. It’s an NFT exclusive collection on Solana inspired by his story and historical data from the Native American tribes.

Geronimo was the embodiment of wisdom, leadership, and resistance. The chief will inspire our NFT holders so they can fight back and use their collective wisdom to predict the future of other friendly top Solana NFT projects.

“It is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand.”
— Apache Proverb.
The Circle of Wisdom
Drink in the elixir, enter the ancestral trance, and join the circle of wisdom with your floor prediction.

The system is simple: can we employ the forecasting powers of our collective to determine how the best NFT Solana projects will fare? Can the whole Apaches tribe profit, not only from when projects appreciate, but when projects also depreciate? That’s exactly what the Circle of Wisdom is about. Like any forecast, we can predict that it will grow (bullish), but also we might predict that it actually goes down (bearish). It's up to you and your insight to decide which way you want to support.

But there is an added twist. Our Apaches are steep in wisdom so they might want to apply a multiplier to their prediction, this is what we've called the 'Wisdom Amplifier'. It shows how much confidence you have in your prediction. If the prediction is correct, this factor will multiply your rewards, if it isn't, it will multiply your losses.

It's time to sharpen your senses, keep an eye on other Solana tribes, and show the community how wise are you!

If this reminds some of you of how the futures market works, it’s because that is exactly what we are doing. Apaches is the first futures market for NFT collections floor, powered by our utility token, $MEZCAL.

Wisdom Graph
"To be admitted as a warrior a youth must have gone with the warriors of his tribe four separate times on the warpath."
— From Geronimo's autobiography book.
Apache Preview
PhasE 1:
We are building relationships with dozens of other projects and people in the community to create a safe place to be and express ourselves. We want the Apache community to be an interesting, fun and rewarding place.
Although our team have been familiar with Geronimo's book for years, they have been reviewing and analyzing countless other sources to bring you a collection that is as true to life as possible. Some animals were mentioned in the book, but you won't see a single monkey with laser eyes in this collection.
In addition to being rigorous with history, we also like to have fun with people. That's why we’ll do more contests, raffles and many other actions that we think you will enjoy.
The website, with some of the information we can disclose, is almost ready.
Apaches is the first NFT Web3 platform that employs a “Future Contracts” system to predict the floor price of top NFT collections. We will reveal (a part of) the mechanisms we are designing. No, we are not going to reveal everything at once... But we think it will blow your mind when you read it.
PhasE 2:
Your NFT will give you access to a huge amount of tools and multiplayer game systems. Train your Apache to get special abilities. Hunt various animals (you'll find that deer are a little more difficult to hunt than the rest....). Collect berries and nuts. Get feathers to increase your chances of success in your travels. Go with the tribe or solo to get rewards. And above all, get $MEZCAL, the most valuable item in the Apache NFT ecosystem.
The token that will be used throughout the Apache universe. It is primarily generated by staking an Apache NFT and will not only be used as a reward token, but will provide a game mechanic for holders. It is a very important part of the Apache ecosystem.
PhasE 3:
Long term value
Do you think the game was going to end here? The world of Apache is huge, a gigantic board that we will continue to develop in which you will be able to interact with your different NFT and characters.
Because we're a multi-sector team, we know how to build things to last. But we love to listen to our Apache community. So $MEZCAL will also be a governance token with some DeFi mechanisms built in.
PhasE 4:
Going further
We are designing what are the foundations for a gamified experience that can scale infinitely. Our platform is being developed with huge quality standards to make sure we can bring as many people as possible into the story and have fun with us.
Our (internal) roadmap is extremely ambitious. Nothing has ever been done like what we will continue to unveil. Neither in the NFT world, nor IRL. We believe this is a revolution that is going to be similar to the arrival of the internet or Hollywood in entertainment. 100x faster, that's for sure. We don't want our future holders to take anything for granted. Not even that this is only a digital product...
The artwork
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Apache Chief &
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What is Apaches NFT?
Apaches is an NFT project that deploys the wisdom of the tribes to predict the evolution of other top NFT tribe projects on the Solana Blockchain.
Why Apaches?
The team decided to draw inspiration from the Apache tribes because of a long connection with the history of the tribe. Several team members had worked extensively in documenting, researching, and translating different documents around Apache culture. The goal was to spread their culture, their history, and the dramatic outcome of their encounter with the White Man through the publication of graphic documentation, memoirs, and historical facts of the last Apache tribes.
What inspired the art?
The art of our NFT collections is inspired by all the documentation and research the team did some years ago. Some of it appeared in book format, but others were stored for future use. When developing the idea of an NFT collection, all these documents from original sources, evidence, and museum collections came out and were used to inspire the current NFT collection.
It’s sadly not always possible to reconstruct centuries-old cultures, but the team made a big effort to be as respectful and as accurate as possible so that the true essence of the Apaches would reach a new generation and inspire them to learn more about their history and culture.
What’s the Geronimo collection?
Geronimo is the first collection of Apaches. It’s inspired by the published memories of the last chief Geronimo and his experience in captivity by the White Men. The whole series portrays different aspects of his memoirs, including critical scenes of his life, his friends, and his culture.
In those places where the extant documentation wasn’t enough, the design and research team draw inspiration from other coetaneous and/or friendly tribes, trying to be true to the culture and the story of Geronimo.
Is there any use for the NFTs beyond collection?
While our art draws inspiration from the Apache culture, our NFTs are designed with usability in mind too. Their use and staking will be rewarded with an internal token called $MEZCAL which will unlock different gaming dynamics like market predictions or raffles, community prizes, and additional content.
What's $MEZCAL?
$MEZCAL is the internal token used to reward positive activity in the Apaches NFT ecosystem. Currently, it’s awarded based on the active presence and constructive behavior within the project's Discord, as well as through the staking of all listed NFTs. As of right now, $MEZCAL isn’t a public or tradable token, but an internal one used to enable and foster good dynamics within our community. It will be transformed into a Solana SPL token and only Apache NFT holders will have access to it.
What can I do with $MEZCAL?
Currently, $MEZCAL is used to create market predictions in the game we call “Wisdom Circle”. $MEZCAL holders will have access to NFTs from other top collections. The more $MEZCAL they get in the wisdom circle, the more chances to get NFTs from other projects.
Where is the team located?
The team is distributed worldwide with most of the team based in Spain. However, there is an active effort to reach out, engage, and include native American tribe members that can add their stories to the project.
Isn’t this cultural appropriation?
We’re very sensitive to this and we’ve tried to be as faithful and respectful to the culture and history as possible. The goal has always been to share the story of the Apaches with a wider and younger audience, people that due to their age or geographical distribution aren’t well acquainted with native American culture. Our desire is to add our voices to the already great organizations that share native American culture, and help expand its reach.
When is the project launching?
July 2022. Specific date TBA shortly, watch this space, and follow us on Twitter for more updates.
Will there be any PRE-SALE Whitelist?
Yes, we'll have a PRESALE whitelist. To know more about it, go to our Discord server.
What will be the minting price for NFTs?
TBA on our official accounts.
How can I mint Apaches NFTs?
Once we release the PRESALE dates, you'll be able to mint Apaches NFTs from our official website or through a launchpad if we partner up with one like Magic Eden.
Will the team members own any reserved NFTs?
The team will mint 50 NFT's to give them to members, advisors and collaborators, using the same random algorithm as everyone else to make it completely fair.
What is the Metaverse aspect of Apaches?
The Apache collection will be interrelated with other collections with which it will be possible to establish game dynamics to obtain $MEZCAL.
What makes the project unique?
Apaches is the first NFT Web3 platform that employs a “Future Contracts” mechanism to predict the floor price of top NFT collections. Stay tuned for an announcement coming soon... What we can assure you is that you have not seen anything like it :)
What are the perks of being active and inviting people?
You can obtain $MEZCAL, the most valuable element in the Apache ecosystem. And Whitelist, of course.
How can I reach the team?
You can go to our Discord. Open a ticket and reach out to any of our mods or admins 24/7.
On which blockchain the project would be built on?